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Last update: 2020-10-16

Covid 19 Information

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Newsletters and Key Dates

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Parish News

Class Letters

Skipton Music Festival

Our wonderful hand bell ringers represented Trinity All Saints Primary School at the Skipton Music Festival on Tuesday 10th March 2020. Our team came a close second.

They worked hard as a team, showed excellent effort and performed amazingly. Well done to them and all the staff who supported them.

Grandparents Lunch 2020

Thank you to all the lovely grandparents that joined us for lunch. We had a great time. Hope you did too. 

Crime Scene

Frogs appeared at Trinity All Saints Primary School on Thursday 5th March 2020....

The children had great fun pretending to be detectives exploring the school for clues as to how the frogs arrived and searching to discover the havoc that they had caused. The whole school writing will be displayed in the main reception for you to see shortly.

See the pictures below for a snap shot of our day! We even got frog cakes for lunch!

           'Tuesday' by David Weisner