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Trinity 3 - Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Below you will find all resources and links for our remote learning this half term- each lesson will be introduced with a Zoom call.

Maths: Mini Maths and answers

 Mini Maths Grp 1 and 2 wc 25.01.20 ANSWERS.pptxDownload
 Mini Maths Grp 1 and 2 wc 25.01.20.pptxDownload
 Mini Maths Grp 3 ANSWERS.pptxDownload
 Mini Maths Grp 3.pptxDownload
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Maths Main Work w/c 25.01.21

 maths answers mon 25th jan grp 1.pdfDownload
 maths answers mon 25th jan grp 2.pdfDownload
 maths answers mon 25th jan grp 3.pdfDownload
 maths answers thur 28th jan grp 1&2.pdfDownload
 maths answers thur 28th jan grp3.pdfDownload
 maths answers tues 26th jan grp 1.pdfDownload
 maths answers tues 26th jan grp 2.pdfDownload
 maths answers tues 26th jan grp3.pdfDownload
 maths answers wed 27th jan grp 1 & 2.pdfDownload
 maths answers weds 27th jan grp 3.pdfDownload
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eBook Kensuke Kingdom

 Chapter 4 audio link.docxDownload
 Ebook Chapter 2.3.docxDownload
 Kensukes_Kingdom_Book PDF.pdfDownload
 Youtube Audio Book.docxDownload
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English GPS WC 25 Jan

 GPS Mon.pdfDownload
 GPS Thur.pdfDownload
 GPS Tue.pdfDownload
 GPS Wed.pdfDownload
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English WC 25 Jan

 Friday Group 1 Inference.docxDownload
 Friday Group 2 Inference.docxDownload
 Friday Group 3 Inference.docxDownload
 Kensuke‚Äôs Kingdom- KS2 Novel (Chapter 4).mp4Download
 Monday Black Out Poem.docxDownload
 Thursday Writing.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Ship's Log.docxDownload
 Wednesday Reading Chapter 4.docxDownload
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Art- The Great Wave

 The+Great+Wave (2).mp4Download
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 L1 activity and challenge.docxDownload
 L2 Longtitude and Lattitude GAME.docxDownload
 L2 World map_Longitude & latitude.docDownload
 L3 BBC Plastic Pollution Podcast.docxDownload
 L4- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.pdfDownload
 Latitude and longitude L2.pptDownload
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French - family

 Lesson 1 Family portrait.docDownload
 Make up a family lesson 2.docDownload
 Useful vocab.docDownload
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Science - Living things and their habitats

 Asexualr reproduction.pptDownload
 how seeds make plants.pdfDownload
 Life Cycle task sheet.docxDownload
 Life Cycles.pptxDownload
 Parts of a flower answers.docxDownload
 Parts of a flower.docxDownload
 Reproduction in plants Grp 1 & 2.docxDownload
 Reproduction in plants Grp 3.docxDownload
 SODA explorify session 1.docxDownload
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Longitude and Lattitude Youtube Video: 


Longitude and Lattitude Youtube Game:


 L1 What would Jesus Do.docxDownload
 L2 Forgiveness.docxDownload
 love is.docxDownload
 What would Jesus do L6.docxDownload
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Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Entry & Exit Point

Year 5 Entry & Exit Points

Curriculum Newsletter

Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter


Year 5 Homework


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