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Trinity 3 - Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Below you will find some useful information for this half term.  Please have a look at each document as it will give you some idea of what school will be like when you come to class.  The topic for Year 4 this half term is the Stone Age.

Covid Work - Each day try to download/print out/see the work prior to the session. If you can have a copy of it in front of you that would be great! If not, don't worry! If you would like to email me any work, please send it to: and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

AR quiz link: - any problems please email me.

Monday 22nd February

 All groups - Incidental Write5.pdfDownload
 map of viking settlements.pdfDownload
 What I already know - Vikings.pdfDownload
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TOPIC - Use this weblink ( to access information which will help you in today's session.

Viking invasion map

Tuesday 23rd February

 Cold write plan - letter.pdfDownload
 Viking timeline.pdfDownload
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TOPIC - Go to the website ( and then download the Viking timeline PDF and put them into the correct order. After that, download and if possible print out the longboat to create for yourself!

Wednesday 24th February

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English - continue with your hot write - you should have finished your plan. Please ensure this is hand written and emailed to me.

Topic - visit: to learn how to draw a Viking Longboat. Have a go at drawing your longboat at least 4 times, showing an improvement each time. To finish, write a sentence telling me which part was the hardest (and why).


Then have a go at: where you can draw your own dragon head as part of a longboat. Once you've had a go at this one, draw your own!

Thursday 25th February

 Group 1 - Prediction task.pdfDownload
 Group 2 and 3 - Prediction task.pdfDownload
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TOPIC - PE Challenge! Go onto homecourt, and select 'activities', then 'agility'.  Scroll down to choose 'split-step math.'

CLUES - You have to keep your feet moving (just like I did in the video)

      - Keep your green bar as full as possible!

Anyone think they can beat my almighty score? Tweet me it!


If you haven't got homecourt, please visit: to complete Joe Wicks.

Friday 26th February

 Chapter 1 reading comp Group 1.pdfDownload
 Chapter 1 reading comp Group 2.pdfDownload
 Chapter 1 reading comp Group 3.pdfDownload
 Chapter 1.pdfDownload
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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Entry & Exit Point

Year 4 Entry & Exit Point

Curriculum Newsletter

Year 4 Curriculum Newsletter


Year 4 Homework


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