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Last update: 2021-02-23

Trinity 1 - Reception


Welcome to Reception!

Elm Class topic for this half term is 'Help! Emergency!'

We look forward to seeing some of your home learning on Tapestry.


Week beginning 22nd February Phonics/English Activities:

Please find below the daily activities for w/c 022.02.21 for each group.

 1 mon.pdfDownload
 group 3 monday (2).pdfDownload
 grp 2 monday.pdfDownload
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 Group 1 tuesday.pdfDownload
 group 2 tuesday.pdfDownload
 group 3 tuesday.pdfDownload
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 Group 2 weds.pdfDownload
 group 3 weds.pdfDownload
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 group 2 thursday.pdfDownload
 group 3 thursday.pdfDownload
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 group 2 friday.pdfDownload
 group 3 friday.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 22nd February Maths Activities:

Please find below the daily activities for w/c 22.02.21 for each group.

 Group 2 Monday.pdfDownload
 Group 3 Monday.pdfDownload
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 Group 2 Tuesday.pdfDownload
 Group 3 Tuesday 2d-shapes-home-learning-challenge-sheet.pdfDownload
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 Group 2 Wednesday maths-3d-shape-home-learning-challenge-does-it-roll-_ver_3.pdfDownload
 Group 3 Wednesday.pdfDownload
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 Group 2 Thursday 3d-shape-challenges-which-shapes-are-best.pdfDownload
 Group 3 Thursday maths-3d-shape-home-learning-challenge-does-it-roll.pdfDownload
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 Group 2 Friday.pdfDownload
 Group 3 Friday.pdfDownload
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Maths Challenges

 Reception challenge 3d shape nets.pdfDownload
 Reception naming-2d-shapes-home-learning-challenge-sheet.pdfDownload
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Reception RE Activity

Thursday 25.02.21

 Easter Garden Reception Thursday 25.2.21.pdfDownload
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Reception Topic Activities for the week beginning 22nd February 2021

 Monday Reception people who help us and their tools guide sheet .pdfDownload
 Reception Monday challenge people who help us.pdfDownload
 Reception tuesday challenge Paper-Plate-Firefighters-Hat-Craft-Instructions-Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Reception wednesday online activity what does a firefighter wear activity sheets.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Reception Draw a picture of a firefighter fighting a fire.pdfDownload
 Wednesday challenge sheet Reception Design your own fire engine sheet.pdfDownload
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PE Activity for week beginning 22nd February 2021 

Here are some useful websites with phonics and maths games: 

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Curriculum Newsletter

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