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English Statement

Literacy has a very high profile at Trinity All Saints Primary School.  It is an integral part of all subjects taught.

We work hard to foster a love of reading in our children. We want them to experience the thrill of opening a new book, share the feelings it evokes and cast a critical eye on its content.  To this end, the school has invested a substantial amount of money to ensure all classes receive sets of carefully selected books.  These texts form the basis of literacy lessons and include poetry, fiction and non-fiction.  Children will learn samples of poetry by heart and subsequently participate in structured debate and performance. Key texts inspire investigation, creativity and learning in other curriculum areas too. 
We believe in motivating our children to learn by being active and engaged with their environment.  Children experience literacy learning both indoors and outdoors.  Regular, carefully planned lessons take place in nearby woods for our younger children.
Children's progress is monitored rigorously in reading, writing and phonics. 
Through a carefully planned teaching of grammar, punctuation and spelling we ensure that children have the technical skills to support their creativity.  Our children’s ability to produce complex, informative and creative pieces of writing is developed through a specifically designed Sentence Structure Programme.  All children are taught phonics discretely and learn in ability groups until they have mastered the phonic skills needed to succeed in all areas of literacy.  We strive to make all our learners independent, resilient, resourceful and reflective, ensuring they have the skills to face new experiences and relish a challenge.
We use the Accelerated Reader Programme which assesses your child's understanding of what they have read by taking a short quiz.

We invite all our community to share our learning journey.  If you would like to support our love of literacy by hearing children read or by sharing a talent you may have, please make contact with the school and we will welcome your contribution.

Each year group’s curriculum maps are posted on this site at the beginning of every half term and give details of texts studied and related activities.